Nuévalos and the Monastery of Piedra

Some weekends ago, I was in Núevalos, a small town near Calatayud (Zaragoza)
11 years that did not step on, we walked its streets and the pass of time seems to stop in this area, what peace and tranquility.

But the wonder of this town is in its outskirts, the Natural Park of the Monasterio de Piedra. A Cistercian monastery in the middle of a unique place, with an unusual foliage in this arid area, thanks to the waterfalls and waterfalls that adorn and feed the Piedra river.

We stayed in the monastery, converted into a hotel, spacious rooms, with beautiful views of the natural park.

We toured the park; the different waterfalls, lakes, but the most spectacular is the Iris grotto, it descends to it by paths carved inside the rock itself, with openings that allow to admire the landscape. And when you get low, you are behind the ponytail, you notice how the water falls from the roof of the cave, full of stalactites of diverse and impressive shapes, because the cave is monumental with the ceiling very high, inside you will make incredible photos , but it carries a tripod and photographic equipment that resist splashes (I was wearing a lens that resists them)

You will certainly repeat!


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