Finland & Lapland with Catai & Finnair

If there is a place that smells like Christmas, it’s Lapland, the area of ​​Findland with Santa Claus Village. A beautiful place to do snow activities, Reindeers, Huskies, Frozen lakes, and more…

I had the pleasure of traveling to Finland thanks to Catai Tours; very important travel agency organized to measure, and the Finnish airline Finnair.

The group was formed by Merche Gallego (from Atelier, communication agency of Finnair), Jordi Rivera (Product Manager in Catai Tours). Araceli Infante (travel journalist), Carlos Sarralde (from the Guias Viajar blog), Noelia Ferreiro (travel journalist), Gabriel Samper (@Kainxs in instagram ) and David Granda (travel journalist). Coordinated by Silvina & Laura (Social media team of Catai).

After the first flight of four hours, with all the luxury of attention on board, we arrived in Helsinki. Josefina was waiting for us, the guide who took us on a minibus route through the city. The coastline, a sea with huge blocks of ice that like frozen waves remained on the shore.

We enjoy visiting some streets, but we realized that they love to paint brightly colored houses. I suppose it is a way to brighten the cold and white winter.

Then we went to the old market of Helsinki, full of stops where food and typical Finnish products are sold.

And finally, we visited  The Helsinki Distilling Company, an industrial building with two floors. In the upper one a restaurant bar and in the lower one the distillery, where they explained the whiskey process.

After flight of one hour to Kuusamo, where we were welcomed by Jordan (who works for Catai). We were able to discover the magnificent and comfortable apartments of Catai where we were going in nights.

What to do for three days in Lapland?

The following days we were to enjoy different activities offered in the area, as well as to know its gastronomy.

Ice fishing

Walking on the ice is indescribable, the fishermen told us it was no danger because thickness was 20 cm. 🙂

They showed us how to fish and they were assigning different holes made in the ice to try their luck 

Eat fish in a typical Finnish Kota

We went back to the shore where there was a typical cabin Kota, ( similar to an indian cabin)

There was a central brazier where they were preparing the fish we had caught, they were very good.

Visit the ski resort of Ruka

Afternoon we were there was a snowboarding competition.

The area is full of places with great gastronomic offer.

Sledding pulled by huskies

Strolling the white forests of Lapland by sleigh can be an unforgettable experience for young and old alike.

Reindeer farm

Juha and his wife are a lovely couple who will guide you through their farm.

Being near a reindeer was my greatest hope.

The feeling of peace and melancholy that they transmit with their eyes is indescribable.

Hunting northern lights

If you are in Lapland in the spring or autumn, you have many possibilities to enjoy this precious phenomenon.

The old villages.

Kuusamo has an old village of wooden houses near Lake Toranki and church, which I visited thanks to Jordan.

Now converted into a museum, you can admire traditional objects of what life was like in that area.

From snowshoeing to floating on a lake

Surrounded by many lakes, so the offer of Catai for multiple excursions and activities is complete and varied. With snowshoes (A beautiful destination for walking, is the Oulanka National Park). Even floating on a frozen lake with some worthy costumes of the Michelin star, a whole experience.

Take your letter to Santa Claus!

You can not leave Lapland without visiting the town of Santa Claus in Rovaniemi.

A place that will delight the children (well, adults too) and to take a selfie with Santa Claus and wife. 🙂

A trip highly recommended for all ages.

PS: the subject of cold is like everything, if you are well prepared you will not suffer it. Catai provides you clothes for activities. But as always we have to dress by layers, to be removing and putting in function of the outside temperature. On the inside you should not worry, there they are very well prepared for the cold. 🙂


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