Gerber Lakes

In the Gerber Valley you can make this route through its lakes, an easy route that is within the National Park of Aigüestortes and Lake San Mauricio. A beautiful place to enjoy nature and photography with the beautiful landscapes that we can find in the Gerber lakes.

Some time ago I also told you about other places in the Aigüestortes National Park such as the refuge area of Josep Maria Blanc but there are others as interesting as this one.

Where to park?

We leave the car in the parking lot of La Peüla or Clot Gran that is located above the Port of Bonaigua. You can arrive from both the Val de Aran on the C-28 and the Sort band (C-13) and continue on the Guingueta (C-28) towards Puerto de la Bonaigua. As we will be at 1,910 meters above sea level and the last lake is at about 2,160 is not much uneven, the Gerber lakes is an easy route for all ages.


  • The sooner you go, the cooler you will climb.
  • Avoid the hottest hours.
  • Remember to stop to rest and enjoy the scenery.
  • Bring water and food to regain strength.
  • Adequate mountain footwear.
  • Check the weather and in your case, wear some coat.
  • Take trekking sticks.

How to get to the Gerber lakes

We start the road that leaves the parking lot and gradually we will enter the Gerber valley on the right. The whole route is very well indicated. The stone pavement is easier to travel if we use trekking sticks. The views we have towards the port of Bonaigua are spectacular.

The strong rush begins, a ravine of very irregular stones and a slope that does not forgive. At this point we have no shadow, so that the day entered, the heat accumulated in the stones is very high.


We arrive at the first lake called l’Estanhola after 40 minutes. It is small but its surrounding forest and vegetation surrounding it beautiful. In the background you can see the mountain of Gerber. I really liked to photograph because the combination of forest, the high mountain in the background and the reflections in the water makes it more attractive.


We will take the road to the right of l’Estanhola, we will find a walkway to cross the capital and continue on the left. After 30 minutes we will arrive at the second lake called l’Estanhera, this one is also small and more closed, but also very beautiful. Courage that we only have this rush!

Gerber lake

On the path to the left of the ravine, at 20 minutes we arrive at Gerber Lake, a large lake 60m deep, surrounded by the mountain of Gerber and the needles of Saboredo. A wonderful place to rest, eat, drink, take lots of photos and decide if you want to continue to Gerber’s refuge or return to the parking lot.

In summary…

Up and down the lakes are about 6.5 km that can cost you about 3 hours minimum, counting stops, etc … Without doubt, one of the most beautiful and accessible walks for all ages, provided you like to walk : -)

Thanks to Cristina Cabrera (@misharnon at Instagram), for taking us and guiding us through this beautiful place 🙂


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