Cologne in one day

If you are going to visit Cologne in one day and you like to take photos, I tell you what you can visit. Cologne is an impressive city in the west Germany bathed by the Rhine. It is currently one of the most important cities in the country although it had to rise from the rubble after World War II.

Visit the highest gothic cathedral in the world

The St Peter Cathedral, is a World Heritage Site since 1996 and took more than 600 years to be built. They say it is the most visited monument in Germany and it does not surprise me. Since I studied art history I was fascinated and I swear that live is even more impressive. To take a photo of your facade in its entirety you will need a wide angle or move away from the square by Burgmauer street. Essential if you visit Colonia in one day. You can read my tutorial how to fix buildings perspective from computer and mobile.


El puente Hohenzollern

Es el puente más bonito y popular de Colonia. Fue reconstruido después de la guerra y su uso actual es para trenes y peatones. Pero sin duda se ha hecho también popular porque muchos enamorados de todo el mundo dejan un candado en la valla que separa la zona de peatones y la de trenes. Por eso es conocido popularmente como el Puente de los Candados, porque está repleto de miles de candados, es impresionante. Como precioso es hacer fotos desde él, por sus vistas directas a la Catedral y al museo Ludwig. La composición te dará una perspectiva y punto de fuga interesante para tus fotos.

The Hohenzollern bridge

It is the most beautiful and popular bridge in Cologne. It was rebuilt after the war and its current use is for trains and pedestrians. But undoubtedly it has also become popular because many lovers from all over the world leave a padlock on the fence that separates the area of pedestrians and trains. That is why it is popularly known as the Bridge of the Padlocks, because it is full of thousands of locks, it is impressive. How beautiful it is to take pictures from it, for its direct views of the Cathedral and the Ludwig museum. The composition will give you an interesting perspective and vanishing point for your photos.

Strolling along the bank of the Rhine

The little I was there, I saw that its inhabitants like to make life outside when the weather is nice, the Rhine bank is one of their favorite places. An impressive walk of several kilometers to band and band, where people can walk, cycle or exercise. You can admire the width of the river, cross from one shore to the other thanks to its bridges and watch the boats and tourist cruises go by. You can also enjoy photographing the buildings that are on the edge of the old town, because they are popular for their color.

Gross St Martin Church

This late Romanesque building is located just behind the colorful houses. It is impossible that Gross St Martin goes unnoticed for its 85 meters high to which it came after the last reconstruction after World War II. It is also easy to recognize by its four smaller towers that surround it.

And if you still have time…

If at the end you have to spend more days in Cologne, you have many more points of interest to visit and / or photograph:

Kolner Philharmonie

If you like to photograph architecture enter this building and you will be surprised by the magnitude of your audience. The Kolner Philharmonie is a beautiful architectural work with perfect acoustics. Ideal to enjoy a recital.

Köln Triangle

On the other side of the Rhine you will find the Köln Triangle this 102-meter-high building. For about 3 euros you can access the upper floor and admire the magnificent views towards the Hohenzollern bridge, the river, the Cathedral, in short, the typical Cologne skyline. And if you go up at sunset time you will have the most spectacular sunset in Cologne.

Tour Cologne by bike

There are several bike rental services in Cologne, and some even offer tours of the city by bike with a tour guide. What’s better than visiting the city with someone who knows you and tells you the history of the city?

I was only there one day, I’m sure there are more things that can be visited. I’ve talked about the most relevant ones we met with our friend Xavi Domènech ( @javito80 in instagram) best impossible guide ; -)

Due to the short time and because we had to take a train to Paris, I was left with the desire to go up to the Köln Triangle and make a spectacular photo like this one by @superchinois801 but I’ll be back!


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