Andorra and the Fallas of the Pyrenees

If on June 23 you want to spend a different night in San Juan, you can escape to Andorra. Las fallas, is a fire party in honor of the summer solstice. They are also celebrated in other towns in the Pyrenees.

What to do in Andorra in San Juan?

Whether it’s just to see the Fallas or to enjoy several days, in June there are many things to visit in the area. More than anything because there is no snow left and the excursions are very pleasant. And what about those fantastic landscapes of high mountain, a wonder.

Excursion through the Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley

It is a beautiful glacial valley that terminates different parishes (Andorra is divided seven and are like the provinces in which the country is divided). Stone ascending path in its initial section, until you reach the first view of the valley. Before us nature in all its splendor, it is a lush landscape in vegetation. Also along its route we find old huts near the river. For those who do not know, the houses are stone houses, which were used to keep livestock and other utensils related to it. A perfect place for anyone who is in top shape and likes to walk.

Encamp and Casa Cristo

One way to get to know a country and its customs is to see how their ancestors lived. In the parish of Encamp, precisely in the town of the same name, is the Casa Cristo. A house from the 19th century that was inhabited until the twentieth century and in 1995 converted into a museum. In it we can see how was a humble Andorran house, its distribution, its furniture, hunting utensils, its clothing. Then you can take a walk through the town, admire its irregular streets and visit the small church of Sant Miquel de la Mosquera.

Lake of Engolasters

Easy to reach by car, although you can also walk from Encamp and make the route, ascending but easy. It is the only lake in Andorra that is below the level of 2000. A pleasant walk that we could do in the middle of the afternoon.

Fallas of Andorra la Vella

As I told you, summer solstice faults are celebrated throughout the Pyrenees. We were going to be able to live an unforgettable fire experience that is Umaco’s Immaterial Heritage. Of all the towns with faults in Andorra, we were in Andorra la Vella. They are celebrated in the old town.

Formerly the “fallaires” descend an enormous trunk that they called fault towards the hogera in the middle of the town. At the moment the tradition has recovered; The fault is first burned in the Puial plaza. Then the ” Fallaries ” carry some chains with which they turn with fireballs among the people, a surprising spectacle. Before them, the apprentice children open they start in route towards the squares turning the flaws of light, without fire or danger. In the plaza de Guillemóthe witches’ dance takes place and the final bonfire is then burned.

In mountain electric bike by Pal and Coll de la Botella

If you did not get too late after the faults, you can take the next morning to take a walk or go by bike. We between Pal and the Coll de la Botella with CM Experience electric bikes. An easy and pleasant way to climb more than 2000 meters by bike with spectacular views.

In short, in Andorra there is life beyond the snow, and many possibilities to enjoy a beautiful country as a couple, with friends or as a family. Thank you AndorraWorld for all the recommendations 🙂


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