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If you have been little on this network or simply want to know the practices that have worked for me to gain visibility on Instagram, here are some small tips. Later, I will discuss some of these issues in more depth:

What name to choose?

  • The shorter the better
  • Easy to remember
  • Your name is your personal brand
  • Use if you can the same name in all social networks

What kind of profile to choose?

You can currently choose three different profile types:

  • personal
  • business
  • creator

The company and creator allow you to access statistics, the business forces you to link it to a Facebook page, the creator is optional, although, if from a creator profile you want to hire advertising, you must end up linking the profile to a page that have or create one.

Put your profile in Public

Go to privacy inside preferences and check that you do not have the privacy check activated, because then nobody will see you outside of your followers.

Optimize your bio

  • Describe the best you can
  • Use Emojis to make it more fun
  • You can put hashtags and name other profiles
  • Add your website or link to highlight

Choose a topic you like

If you want to focus on a niche market, choose a theme that represents you and that you feel comfortable with it:

  • Lifestyle
  • nature
  • travels
  • food
  • Street
  • architecture
  • Etc…

Take care of your gallery

  • Edit the images in the same way to create unity
  • Within your theme, go alternating different sub-themes so as not to bore you
  • Try to keep a clean and tidy gallery
  • The photos with the main elements help make the miniatures look simple and clear and it is more likely that someone who does not know you will end up entering your gallery.

Give yourself visibility

  • From other social networks
  • Report it to your contacts
  • Putting hashtags of your theme or geographical area to your images (put hashtags that are consistent and really related to your photo, but Instagram can penalize you, you can put up to 30, but it is recommended to put less and quality.
  • Give likes to photos with hashtags related to your theme and geographic area. Watch the speed and the amount you give the likes, they can penalize you if you go too fast or more than 350 likes per hour.
  • Leave comments on photos of other profiles of topics similar to yours to create affinity relationships.
  • Follow other profiles of your topic and / or geographical area that you like
  • Geolocate the photos you publish, so whoever looks for a specific place will find your photo.

What profiles to follow if you want to be followed?

  • Follow beautiful profiles as inspiration
  • Thematic similar to yours
  • From your geographical area
  • Watch the speed by following profiles to avoid looking like an automatic bot in the eyes of Instagram and being penalized.

What photos or hashtags to like?

  • Thematic similar to yours
  • From your geographical area
  • If you like photos with few likes, it will be easier for them to see you
  • Watch the speed to avoid looking like an automatic bot in the eyes of Instagram.

Connect with your audience

  • Your content must be of quality
  • Ask questions or talk about a topic to create interaction
  • Do not hang more than one photo a day, and if you do that they are more than 8 hours apart.
  • Post at times when there are more people connected, if your audience is local, people usually watch instagram in the morning before going to work, at noon when they have gone out or are eating, and at night when they are already quietly at home before and after dinner.
  • Answer all the messages that leave you
  • Be grateful and leave messages to the photos of who leaves you messages
  • Give likes to whoever likes you and the people who follow you
  • This will create a consistent and faithful community.

Use the stories

Stories are also a method to gain visibility on Instagram:

  • They serve you to show your day to day, and expand information on the things you tell in the posts, for example if I travel to a town, and I post a nice photo in my feed, the stories help me to expand information about this town , gastronomy, etc …
  • Use animated GIFs to be closer and more fun
  • Do not hang up many stories a day, usually the first one is seen by more people and the rest of the stories are decreasing the people who visit them.
  • Geolocate the stories
  • Put hashtags (don’t put more than three)
  • To avoid many stories make mosaics in a single storie, with applications like Unfold or StoryArt or animated stories with apps like Mojo.
  • They expire at 24 hours, but you can keep them on your profile by grouping them in highlights, this way they will last over time.
  • Videos to stories last 15 seconds, but Instagram currently allows you to upload a longer video and segment it into different stories .
  • Using surveys or questions to interact with your followers and generate movement, also helps you to know the preferences of your audience and you can improve your content based on it.

Do direct

  • It allows you to interact live with your followers.
  • You have the option that can be displayed for 24 hours or removed immediately.
  • You can make direct shares with another person, the screen is divided and the number of displays is added.
  • There are many people who make direct for their followers to see the notification and in this way you become visible when the Instagram algorithm does not show you in the feed of your followers.


  • It is a good complement to your theme and expand information on what you are doing or visiting.
  • It’s also a way that people who don’t know you find you, because you can also put hashtags.
  • You can do tutorials or generate valuable content for your followers.

And so far this little summary of good practices to gain visibility on Instagram, if you want me to talk about a specific topic, write the comments.

And if you don’t have time to do all these things, contact me.


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