Balaguer, a walk through its walls

I had never been in Balaguer (16,000 habitants), which is 30 km from Lleida (where I was born and I have a family).

First we go up to Santa Maria, the church that can see in the photos, to the left has the access to visit the old wall, we cross the first section through stairs hung to the void, if I that I have vertigo I did, you can go quiet, because there is guardrail and there were families with children. As you can see, the views are breathtaking and the photographic possibilities playing with the prospects as well.

After we entered the church of Santa Maria, also free access, we were surprised by the height of its only ship and the stained glass windows that occasionally gave us some beautiful set of lights.

We returned in the center of the village, where there was a big Saturday street market, the porches that surround the square have a lot of charm.

To finish off we walk down the river Segre, which separates the old town from the newer area, the colors of the houses along the river gives a picturesque touch, which reminds us of other places like Girona or Camprodon. Walking towards the stone bridge, you will find some birds and ducks that live in the area, a very beautiful natural environment where you can capture nature images, or the combined views of nature, the stone bridge and Balaguer background.


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