Jubierre tour, Monegros

This weekend we went to discover the Jubierre Route, which is located in the center of Aragon. A desert area where erosion has sculpted on the terrain a large number of ravines and other very interesting forms.

You can go on a walk, by bike, even by car, because the track that crosses the entire route is very good, with no holes and wide enough.

We arrived by the AP-2 until Bujaraloz, from there we went to Castejón de Monegros, we found the start of the track to the Jubierre route. First we crossed some fields of extensive crops, where the end was not seen. And finally we arrive at the beginning of the route, a sign that warns that the road may be narrow, and I tell you that two cars can be crossed without fear.

First we visited the Tozal Solitario, then the Tozal de Colasico, the Tozales de los Pedregales and then we went to the Tozal de la Cobeta, in this one if you have to walk obligatorily (about 5km)

Tozal Solitario
Tozal Solitario

It was a different day, from 11:00 a.m. to 16:00 we only found two people, we were lucky that it did not work neither cold nor heat, nor wind, that with that of dust and earth would have been a chaos.

In short, if you like the quiet and desert areas in this place you will enjoy it very well.


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