Ebro delta

The Delta del Ebro is located south of the province of Tarragona. The Ebro River, thanks to its large volume, is responsible for its current extension of 7,736 hectares around its mouth.

It is so extensive that you will not finish it in a single day. That’s why I start talking about what we can find or do in the southern half, which I rediscovered during the trip # catalunyaexperience, invited by l’Agència Catalana de Turisme.

We can start the day, for example, in San Carlos de la Rápita, from where we will enjoy the views of the entire Bahía de los Alfaques and Punta de la Banya.

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If you feel like eating oysters and drinking champagne in the sea, for about 25 euros per head you can take the boat that will take you to one of the mussel and oyster nurseries that we can find in the bay. The place is spectacular, it seems that you are in an exotic country, the rows of mussels impress. In total the trip, food and listen to the explanations of the owner of the nursery, lasts about two hours.

fototurista-juanjofuster fototurista-juanjofuster
fototurista-juanjofuster fototurista-juanjofuster

Then you can go to Poble Nou, you will see many rice fields, you will reach l’Encanyissada (already in the municipality of Amposta), the largest lake in the Delta, where many animal species live. To eat you have near Restaurant l’Estany-Casa de Fusta, I have already been twice and have a range of very varied dishes, remarking, as is evident from the area where we are, the rice cooker.

When finished eating, you can perx with the pools for the pond. It is a fun experience, especially at the beginning to master the pole, a long pole that we must nail in the bottom floor to be able to advance through the channels surrounded by reeds.

fototurista-juanjofuster fototurista-juanjofuster
fototurista-juanjofuster fototurista-juanjofuster

We arrive at the closed area, where every day on instagram I see many images, always different and surprising. Beginning of the Trabucador Beach. Where the reflections in its calm waters are spectacular, they play shadow that create the wooden porches or the pier that enters the bay. In this area, many sports such as surfing and kitesurfing are practiced.

If after we continue to the end, on the left we have the eucalyptus beach and on the right the beach of the trabucador, where only the summer months the fence opens to travel 5km of the natural sand barrier 100m wide that reaches the Peninsula of Banya. A stretch of totally wild beach open to the Mediterranean on the one hand, on the other to protected areas and on the salt pans before the protected area of ​​Punta del Horn where we will find another fence where access to the Horn protected area is prohibited, this is where the old lighthouse was that we can now find in Tarragona city.

fototurista-juanjofuster fototurista-juanjofuster fototurista-juanjofuster

If you do not have time to see everything, do not worry, you’ll come back, because you will never get tired of taking pictures ?


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