Phil Gonzalez visits Tarraco Viva festival 2014 at Tarragona

When you think you already know everything about your city, you realize that there is always something fascinating to discover around us, be it its origins, current cultural elements or even its gastronomy.

This weekend Toni and I have hosted, together with the managers of IgersTGN ( Cecilia Bofarull, Rosa Comes, Albert Anguera ) of Phil Gonzalez , Founder of Instagram user communities known as Igers or Instagramers and Kimberly Sunster, Phil’s right hand leading many important aspects of his organization.

We were also accompanied by people from Tourism, such as journalist Ivan Rodón and photographer Curro Claver .

Many thanks to Tarragona Turisme for this opportunity and initiative.

Saturday 10

We met at the archaeological walk with Pat Antón , Minister of Commerce and Tourism of Tarragona City Council and Magí Seritjol , director of the Tarraco Viva festival, where they welcomed Phil and Kim. and they made a small introduction to Tarragona and the purpose of this festival.

A climb was made to the bell tower of the cathedral , so that they could see all of Tarragona from the highest point of the city.This rise was made in two shifts of instagramers. Argos Serveis Culturals made the guests a little introduction to this emblematic architectural space of the city. From above everything amazed us with the views, even if you have climbed it always surprises you.


At the Metropol Café , we met with all the instagramers, where Phil spoke about the community he created, the origins, the obstacles he encountered along the way, and the different initiatives that have emerged to disseminate and promote contents of the users themselves. of Instagram as igersgallery or igersacademy .

It was a very interesting time and at the same time very beautiful, to be able to see colleagues / friends again and make some beers, thanks to Estrella Damm , while we talked about what we are most passionate about, Instagram


Apart from important elements of our history, they also made them enjoy the pleasures of our gastronomy. 
Like during the Tarraco Viva, different restaurants in the city make tasting menus with ingredients that we could find at that time from Tarraco to Taula , we went to eat at El Llagut ( c.of Nazaret, 10) where we could suck our fingers.

After lunch, we moved to Altafulla , because we must remember that Tarraco Viva not only performs events in Tarragona city, but also in Altafulla, Constantí, Cambrils, Priorat and Salou.


In the Parc del Mar , we witnessed the show ” The World of the Gladiators in Ancient Rome “, by the Ars Dimicandi Institute (Italy) . A recreation of what the fights really were like, without the paraphernalia that they have sold us to Hollywood movies.

Back to Tarragona, and taking advantage of the last days of Tarraco Tapas , we went to El Terrat , where we tasted a very creative tapas menu, always with products of our area and of great quality.

In the Palacio de Congresos, we saw the historical recreation ” Augusto, the power of the mask ” by Projecte Phoneix(Tarragona).


Where we are narrated the life of Augustus with a very careful staging, with lots of extras, and a reproduction of the Ara Pacisin a real spectacular size. All to celebrate the 2,000th anniversary of the death of Augustus, a key figure in the development of the city of Tarragona , although he only lived here for two years, the influence of the Empire is evident in our heritage.

Sunday 11

During the morning we made a tour on segway to admire the most beautiful and representative places of Tarragona, Argos Cultural Services and Segway Tarragona , guided by Enric Llevat , who showed our guests the balcony of the Mediterranean, Calle Mayor, Plaza from the Forum, Cathedral, Archbishopric, in the Plaza del Rey we stopped for a while to see the Castellera Day and thus explain one of the most emblematic traditions of our cultural heritage.


Then we went down Fortín de la Reina and Miracle beach, to enjoy our coastline, until we reach the Serrallo , the seaside neighborhood of Tarragona , where we ended up eating at the Balandra restaurant (c Pons de Espinach, 18) and enjoying all the prepared by Xavi Veciana, based on Mediterranean cuisine with fish and seafood from our shores.

As you can see a very intense weekend, with lots of laughs and new friends, and we hope that they have taken a very good impression of our city. See you soon!

* Some images provided by Philgonzalez, Igerstgn, Toni Pascual


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